Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 2011

I need to get better at posting on the blog and I will for 2012.

Chad is continuing to run and still wanting to do a marathon someday -- finding the time is another story - so it's preparing for another 5k or 10k. Chad continues to enjoy working for JPMorgan Chase Bank.

Jennifer continues to volunteer at the kids school and is constantly in the car taking the kids back and forth to school, going to the gym, shopping, volunteering at the school, taking them to programs, hip-hop dance, sports, friends etc....

Jackson, Ashlee, and Gavin all took swim lessons all summer and were part of the Hillside pool. Jackson was on the swim team and improved dramatically this summer.

Jackson is in 6th grade this year and has a ton of homework every night - he just had his band program at the end of November where he is playing the trumpet. He is going to continue swimming and probably do track in the Spring. He just became responsible enough to have his own cell phone - we'll see - huh?

Ashlee was student of the week this last week at school and loves her teacher(Mrs Holdren) for 2nd grade at school and continues to improve in school. Ashlee has taken on hip-hop dance and is preparing for her first recital this Thursday, we are all excited to see the big production.

Gavin is still Mama's little baby, but has grown up so much and has started Kindergarten this year. Gavin has started to progress greatly this year and just had his 6 year old party a few weeks ago at Chuck E. Cheese where he had 10 friends come and celebrate with him. He is wanting to start up soccer in the spring.